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Global Outpouring

Jul 19, 2022

The face of missions is changing, and it looks totally different today than it ever has. But what exactly does that look like and what’s coming next? Peter Snyder has been a missionary for nearly forty years and has lived through revolutions, uprisings, and wars in the nations. Through his experience in the field, Peter has a unique perspective on how we should be contending for the Outpouring. In this episode, he covers:

  • The changing face of missions since 9/11 and the pandemic
  • His own story of being available to God in the nations
  • Training pastors and teachers in the underground church
  • “You’ve been broken; now you’re ready.”
  • Take a leap of faith into what’s next
  • Find rest in ministry
  • The end of the “great white hope” in missions
  • Learn from the successes and failures of the previous generation - it’s our turn!
  • What is God doing now and how do we respond?
  • Discern the agenda of the enemy
  • Look to the Lord to see what He would say



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