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Global Outpouring

Mar 7, 2023

Greg Ordway has been on a journey into the depths of God, to know Him intimately as Enoch, Moses, and David did. And these men aren’t special—God wants this kind of relationship with everyone! Greg joins Philip and Sharon to give a sneak peek into what God has placed on his heart to share at this weekend’s event (March 9-12, 2023, at Cedar Creek Resort in Columbia, Missouri) called “Kingdom Fire: A Summons to Perfect Love.” Sharon will be among the speakers, as well as Etienne Blom and Sheila Ruffin.

Greg shares:

  • How God led him into this lifestyle of passionate pursuit
  • Enoch learned to engage in oneness with God — You can too! But you have to forget what you think you already know.
  • God is so infinite that you can discover things in Him that no one else has ever seen before. Just behold Him.
  • How to recognize when God “kisses” you, and acknowledge Him with honor and glory. This takes you further into His Presence!
  • Worship is about engagement between you and God that results in complete love and trust. Music can simply be a vehicle to take you there, but it’s not required.




More about Greg Ordway and Cedar Creek Resort

“Kingdom Fire: A Summons to Perfect Love” Event, March 9-12, 2023 – more information and registration.

“Releasing the Greater Glory” Seminar, March 23-25, 2023 – more information and registration.


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