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Global Outpouring

Nov 8, 2022

“They’re praying to Him but they don’t know His name.” 

Kamran and Suzy Yaraei share their amazing testimonies and reveal God’s heart for Iran and the Muslim people of the world. Kamran was raised in Iran as a devout Shiite Muslim with a strong desire to be a friend of God. Suzy was raised in America with no knowledge of God and developed a strong alcohol addiction in the music scene of Nashville. Now, they are being used in a powerful way in the move of God happening right now in Iran.

Together they discuss:

  • Kamran’s story of meeting Jesus in a hotel room and getting saved three years later
  • The “If” salvation prayer that Kamran prayed and now uses as a model for people who are not really convinced of the Truth
  • God hears the cries of people looking for Him in other religions.
  • How Suzy was led to the Lord by Reba McEntire’s hairdresser
  • The fastest growing evangelical church in the world is the underground Church in Iran. It has grown to 5 - 7 million Christians in the past 40 years! 
  • Kingdom living vs. “cultural Christianity”
  • Iran’s prophetic heritage 





Food for the Heart by Kamran Yaraei

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