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Global Outpouring

Sep 6, 2022

Pastor Yong was raised Buddhist, so she when she met Jesus, she knew nothing of how to “do church” or walk in the ways of God! But the Holy Spirit became her best friend and led her into faithfulness in studying the Word of God and into a committed prayer life She learned to serve in church and in a prison ministry with passion for the Lord. She shares of healing miracles and the manifestation of the fragrance of Heaven as well as keys to releasing this outpouring of Glory in her church in a cornfield, including:

  • Be consistent and disciplined in whatever you do and keep your promises to God one day at a time
  • Keep Jesus as your first priority and maintain your excitement for Him
  • Be hungry for the Lord and diligently seek His face
  • Encounters with the Lord in the prayer closet come from focus on Jesus
  • Let the Lord love you
  • Just obey God!
  • The more we make room for Him, the more we see Him move
  • God will do His part when we do our part
  • Contend with prayer and fasting for the fulfilment of God’s promises
  • Never allow discouragement to steal your vision and purpose. Don’t quit!
  • Decree, declare, and prophesy the will of God according to His Word
  • Expectation contributes to the manifestation of signs and wonders



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