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Global Outpouring

Dec 6, 2022

Originally from southern Africa, Rona Spiropoulos is a missionary evangelist with a heart for the glory of God to be manifested throughout the earth. Her new book, Spirit Life Beyond the Veil will help you enter into a deeper love relationship with God and discover that you are His temple. Together, Rona and the Busses discuss:

  • What does Spirit Life Beyond the Veil mean?
  • Living daily in the Holy of Holies inside you
  • The outside of your temple is simple, but the inside is full of the mysteries of God. You have the fullness of God inside of YOU!
  • When you spend time with God, He opens up mysteries to you.
  • Jesus wants to lead you into regions of light. Are you following Him there?
  • Ridding yourself of outer court distractions to commune with Him 
  • The Word is the plumb line in you, and you are His plumb line of the earth.
  • Walking in the Love of God activates destiny and opens doors for you. You don’t have to plan your way!
  • Training your sensitivity to the voice of the Holy Spirit in your little, daily decisions
  • How to receive direction from the Holy Spirit
  • Practical steps you can take today to have communion with God beyond the veil.






Spirit Life Beyond the Veil by Rona Spiropoulos –

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