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Global Outpouring

Nov 22, 2022

“How could a loving God allow so much suffering?”

Nobody wants to talk about suffering! We all go through it at times and we can’t bear to even look at the horrific traumas and abuse that go on all around us. Many people have become atheists or agnostics because they can’t wrap their minds around the question: “How can a loving God allow human suffering?” We who are people of faith even wonder sometimes! Our carnal minds cannot comprehend this! But our Father’s ways are so much higher than ours, and He who sees the end from the beginning has always had a Romans 8:28 plan.

Today, Philip will interview Sharon about her book Rich Wounds as she prepares to host a three-session webinar (free, December 2-3) to help you gain a heavenly perspective on suffering.

They’ll discuss:

  • What is the eternal perspective on suffering?
  • The personal experience that inspired Sharon to write about God’s perspective
  • Jesus’s wounds are glorified in Heaven; He wants to do the same for you.
  • A story about a Korean pastor’s wife whose wounds of persecution were made beautiful in Heaven
  • Oftentimes betrayal, hardship, persecution, or trauma are the beginning of our glorification.
  • Jesus experienced every kind of suffering that you will ever go through.
  • This world’s system might be rigged for you to fail, but God works things together so that you cannot fail.
  • Everything you go through can grow something up in you in your relationship with God.
  • At the end of everything you’re going through, the glorification will be worth it all!







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