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Global Outpouring

Jul 12, 2022

Have you looked at the context of Jesus’ words, “Judge not that you be not judged”? Tony Kemp is a pastor of pastors and walks in a revelatory realm with God. Listen to learn new depths in scripture as Pastor Tony shares wisdom and experiences of many supernatural visitations. Here are a few of the subjects he shares here:

  • God’s justice and judgment
  • Miraculous provision comes with obedience to the Holy Spirit
  • Divine protection is in doing the will of God
  • We underestimate our importance in God’s Plan
  • Agree with God’s faith in you
  • The Lord knows how to clear your mind to become aware of His purposes
  • Quit your struggle and just snuggle
  • Feed your spirit and nourish your gift
  • Intentionally study the Word for impartation
  • Much more translation is coming


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Tony Kemp at the Global Outpouring Convention 2021

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