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Global Outpouring

Nov 15, 2022

“The more you meditate on laying your life down for them, the more your heart will be open to receive My love for them.”

Kamran and Suzy Yaraei are partnering with God in a powerful way to show His love to the people of Iran and other Muslim nations. They join Philip and Sharon once again to discuss God’s heart for Muslims and to share some amazing stories of what’s really happening in Iran (it’s not what you see in the news!).

They discuss:

  • Expanding in your ability to receive the Love of God
  • Your own “God-stories” of personal encounters will draw people to Him.
  • How Kamran and Suzy are led into playing their part in the global outpouring by having constant communion with God
  • Don’t strive for the outpouring; seek God for His heart for the outpouring.
  • How the law of Glory is stronger than the law of gravity.
  • Amazing stories of what God is doing in Iran
  • God wants to change nations with your heart!






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Food for the Heart by Kamran Yaraei

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Jerusalem Summons – November 1-12, 2023



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