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Global Outpouring

Jul 5, 2022

Dr. Gene Little has served the Lord as a Bible teacher in Israel for over 25 years and has a unique perspective relating the scriptures with past, current, and future events. Listen as he shares these interesting topics with the Busses:

  • The mandate of God to establish a spiritual oasis
  • What is a “Table City”?
  • The excitement of living in Jerusalem and watching promises fulfilled
  • The beginnings of revival
  • Your life can be changed by seeing the Land
  • Spiritual war: evil agenda to divide the City and Land
  • Do whatever you have to do—God is calling all!
  • Pray for a stable government
  • The nations that divide God’s Land will be judged
  • Called to “Comfort My people”
  • What does it mean to be “grafted in”?


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