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Global Outpouring

Mar 21, 2023

Helen Todd was born and raised under Communism, so she understands what it’s like to know nothing of God and yet long to discover Him. Today, she and her husband, Chuck, have a ministry called World Missions Alliance and they take teams of people from all walks of life to share the Gospel with people across the world who desire to know God as Helen did. You, too, can fulfill the Great Commission! All God needs is your “yes”.

They discuss:

  • Helen’s story of how she came to know Jesus as a teenager in the former Soviet Union
  • Why the Christians desperately need to put their hands to the work of the Harvest
  • A miraculous story of how God opened the door for them to minister in China with official permission
  • How they started taking medical missions and meeting the physical needs of people to give them an opportunity to meet Jesus
  • How YOU can apply to be part of a team! God has a place for you to help fulfill the Great Commission!





World Missions Alliance website:

Greater Purpose Conference, March 29-31, 2023, in Branson, MO (Sharon Buss will be a speaker!)

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