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Global Outpouring

Sep 13, 2022

Get ready - God wants you to expand! Sharon and Philip share an exciting prophetic word for this season in the Church and in your life. “The Lord has a gift for you - you are getting ready to expand.” Sharon and Philip dive into what this means and how you can cooperate with the Holy Spirit as He does this work in you. They will cover:

  • Expanding your victory by renewing your mind
  • Think “balloon,” not “elevator”
  • Linear Greek thinking vs. circular Hebrew/biblical thinking
  • God wants to expand you in multiple directions
  • How do you grow in God?
  • You become what you look at and what you listen to
  • How to “see” Jesus to let Him transform you
  • The more the King rules in you, the more His Kingdom expands within you
  • You can expand from faith to faith, glory to glory, grace to grace, and strength to strength





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