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Global Outpouring

Nov 29, 2022

“As a woman, what is my place in these days?”

Philip and Sharon are joined by a dear friend, Reshma Allen, whose powerful testimony is used by God to minister to the hearts of women throughout the nations. Reshma grew up in Indian culture in Fiji where being a woman and having a darker skin color was looked upon with shame, even in the Church! She saw at a young age that the way Jesus treated women and children in the scriptures was very different from how women were treated in her culture. Now she encourages women to rise up into their God-given destinies and take their place as mothers, intercessors, prophetesses, and worshippers to show God’s heart to His hurting children and travail with the birth pains of the Earth to usher in His purposes in these last days.

They discuss:

  • Breakthrough comes when you share your testimony with others.
  • Father God needs nurturing mothers to show his heart to His children, helping to grow people up in the Spirit.
  • God raised up women all throughout the bible in times of crisis.
  • Women make powerful intercessors because they understand childbirth. It’s time to travail in prayer!
  • Get intimate with the Lord and ask Him for a word: “What is my place in these days?”
  • Anytime God was about to birth something new in the Bible, there was an attack on the children. Our children are being attacked right now, so what is God about to do?
  • Greater revelation is coming to enable women to work side-by-side and not be threatened by each other’s gifts
  • Reshma shares her testimony of healing from shame about being a darker-skinned woman and how God saved her miraculously from multiple abortion attempts when she was in the womb.
  • You were made in the image of God! Are you telling God He made something in His image that’s unworthy or isn’t good enough?
  • How to become less self-conscious and more God-conscious
  • Gender confusion is rooted in the same question the enemy asked Eve in the garden - “Did God really say…?”
  • Know the truth! It’s time to get back in the Word so you can know God’s truth about you and about the world.
  • Even if your voice is silenced on Earth, you have a voice that speaks louder in the heavenlies.






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