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Global Outpouring

Sep 27, 2022

Claren and Nancy McQueen (good friends to the Busses for 30+ years) are highly anointed in leading worship. They have been on the frontlines of contending for the outpouring in worship for years. Here, Claren brings a powerful message that the Lord has put in his heart concerning worship. Together, the Busses and McQueens cover:

  • The powerful Hebrew meaning of “outpouring”
  • Don’t try to get everything else out of the way before you spend time in worship -- give Him your first fruits.
  • You need to worship to be transformed.
  • Depressed and overwhelmed? Need answers? Worship!
  • Don’t get bogged down by the news -- look to Him for the full story and how to pray.
  • The key to a renewed mind
  • How to sleep peacefully at night: Speak to your heart!
  • Worship is the door into His Presence.
  • God is always at work -- thank Him!
  • Start the day with Him and let Him color your day. Get his report first.
  • How to let God have the steering wheel.
  • It’s all about relationship with your Father God




Claren McQueen on Friday Night Live Worship – September 16, 2022

Enjoy Your Life Every Moment with Claren McQueen (Podcast Episode 63)

“The Resting Place” CD with Claren and Nancy McQueen, Philip and Sharon Buss, and Maurice Sklar


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