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Global Outpouring

Oct 25, 2022

You’ve probably heard the phrase “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,” but what does that mean in your spiritual life? Sharon and Philip share a Holy Spirit download on how to truly flatter Jesus by becoming like Him. Jesus wants you to carry His anointing and His character as you carry His name. The world needs you!

Some highlights:

  • What it means to be flattering to Jesus
  • Intimacy is the beginning of imitation.
  • The more you look at him the more you become like Him.
  • How to grow into maturity with God
  • Travail and compassion make you irresistible to people who need Jesus.
  • What is travailing intercession?
  • God’s heart is for you to walk in His compassion and let His compassion ooze through you.
  • He is cleansing us from things that don’t look like Him so that we can be like Him.
  • We become shining ones when He is shining within us.






Broken and Made Whole by Laurel Hobbs

Pour Out Your Heart by Gwen Shaw

Pour Out Your Heart (PDF) by Gwen Shaw

“Expand Your Victory” (125)


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