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Global Outpouring

Jun 21, 2022

Holiness: It's a word that few people want to hear about. But it needs to be taught in the right way. It's not about keeping a bunch of rules. It's about intimacy—having a face to face relationship with Jesus Christ by which you're transformed. This is also the time to deal with those little things that God has been convicting us about for years, because they will catch up to us, and bring us down. Listen as Rona shares with the Busses about:

  • How to walk in the anointing that comes from fellowship with the Lord with unveiled face
  • Yellowstone River flooding is a picture of revival
  • A 1934 prophecy of the final revival indicates floods
  • Get ready to be called on to help! All hands on deck in this coming move
  • Your testimony will speak to people
  • Be filled with the Holy Spirit and know the power of the Blood of Jesus
  • Rest in the sweet harmonies and rhythms of grace in waves of His magnificence


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Rona Spiropoulos speaking at Global Outpouring Convention 2022

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