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Global Outpouring

Aug 30, 2022

Pastor Yong Brierly shares her life experiences being raised in a Buddhist family in South Korea with an abusive, alcoholic father. Long before she knew Him, God had His hand on her, and led her into salvation and through the process to raise her up to lead a church in an Illinois cornfield where God is on the move. Key points include:

  • How she and her husband got saved and he was delivered from alcoholism
  • God can do anything through anybody
  • Get a fresh vision for who you are and what God’s plan is for you
  • Promise, purpose, and process
  • Hiding behind inadequacy is a pride issue - don’t let it hinder you!
  • God takes the pauper to the palace
  • Dream with God – He has dreams for you that He wants to fulfill
  • Battling discouragement and wanting to quit




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