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Global Outpouring

Jan 24, 2023

The Busses are joined again by Sheryl Simpers to share stories of her experiences following the leading of the Holy Spirit. You will be encouraged to believe God for miracles as you learn to walk with the Holy Spirit.

She shares:

  • How she “dated” God for a year
  • “Fight the right enemy!” How Holy Spirit walked her through abuse from her second husband and led her in how to pray to stop the abuse
  • An exciting story of how God saved an unborn baby from miscarriage and literally gave the mother a new heart through Spirit-led prayer
  • You can do great things for the Lord, but it may not be His best. Don’t just pray and ask that it be blessed. Ask Him to lead you!
  • Allowing the Holy Spirit to lead you in ministry will protect you from burnout!
  • Using the Sword of the Lord (His Word) in your mouth to defeat spiritual giants
  • “Don’t let your circumstances determine what you say, let what you say determine your circumstances.”






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Jerusalem Summons 2023



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