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Global Outpouring

Oct 11, 2022

The mysteries of God are not hidden from you, they’re hidden for you to find! Philip and Sharon are joined by Dr. Bruce Allen and Michael Van Vlyman, two of the four teachers of The School of the Supernatural: Translation by Faith which will be hosted by Global Outpouring from October 31 - November 5. Here, Bruce and Michael share some exciting testimonies from students in their recent schools. They also teach a little bit about how scriptural translation by faith is, and why God wants you to understand it.

They discuss:

  • You can receive from the hand of God without relying on man as a go-between. Focus on Him with intense expectation.
  • Michael and Bruce share their own testimonies of how God called them.
  • The day is coming when God’s people will need to know how to walk in the supernatural.
  • Waiting on the Lord and having face-to-face encounters with Jesus
  • Give God permission to engage your sanctified imagination.
  • The things of the Spirit are more tangibly real than the physical realm.
  • What does the Word say about it? The Proof is in the Word, not the experience.
  • The devil doesn’t create, he only perverts what belongs to God and His people - Discernment is vital!
  • You can have confidence and surety to move forward in the things of God by having a biblical foundation.






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Upcoming Global Outpouring Events:

School of the Supernatural – Translation by Faith – October 31-November 5, 2022

Jerusalem Summons – November 1-12, 2023



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